Welcome to our Preschool 2019-20

Thank you for your interest in St. Thomas Becket Preschool! 

We are extremely proud of the community we have created for the young people of our area. 

We have worked hard to develop a curriculum which is both child-centered and relevant to the growing academic needs of our children.  We believe you will find ours a quality program, and that our reputation for a sound curriculum combined with a caring staff will provide your child with an excellent preschool experience.

We began our preschool in 2001 and have been building upon that strong foundation ever since.  We are continually updating our curriculum and structure to meet the changing needs of children and our community.

We value a positive environment that is nurturing, play centered, and promotes self-exploration, creativity, and imagination.

For more information, contact Ali Werkhoven at 651-454-7099 or email 

Classes offered for 3's, 4's and 5's. 

Curriculum and Learning Strategies

Parent Testimonials



Please print the REGISTRATION FORM for ages 3-5.

 Please make sure to drop it at the preschool or parish office with your initial payment.

CONTACT: Ali Werkhoven at  651-454-7099.


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