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Social Activities

Support the faith community of STB by maintaining a welcoming environment and creating social connections among members.

Take a look below, and sign up with your family for some fun.

If interested, please contact Reception at 651-683-9808.

New Parishioner Welcome


Plans brunches to welcome new parishioners and arranges sponsors.  Ongoing Activity • Quarterly • One year commitment • Time commitment is 4-8 hours per quarter • Skills required: willingness and organizational ability to plan brunches; willingness to connect with new parishioners to welcome them • No experience required.

CONTACT:  Reception at 651-683-9808.

Adult Christmas Party


Participates in the planning and/or execution of the annual Christmas potluck.  Single Event • 1st Saturday in December • One year commitment • Time commitment is 2-4 hours per week in the month preceding the event • No skills required • No experience required.

CONTACT:  Reception  at 651-683-9808.

Cana Dinner

Middle School aged through adult  CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER

Plans and Coordinates the dinner and entertainment event to celebrate the sacrament of marriage. Youth help serve the night of the dinner.  Single Event • March • One year commitment • Time commitment is 2-3 hours a week in February, several hours on the day of the event • No skills required • No experience required.

CONTACT:   Reception at 651-683-9808.

Lawn Mowing Crew

18 years and up

Taking care of our parish grounds. Ongoing Activity • Once per month • April through October• Time commitment is several hours on your scheduled week • Skills required: can operate a riding mower/push mower/string trimmer/blower/hedge trimmer • Preferred time is Thursdays so the grounds are well trimmed for the weekend liturgies.

CONTACT:  Reception at 651-683-9808.

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