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How to help during Mass

Help create a dynamic worship experience that enhances each person's spiritual growth. Get Familiarized with each ministry listed below.

When you find something that you could be part of, email Jackie Graham or call her at 651-683-9808 ext. 110.

Mass Coordinator

16 years and up • Families are encouraged

This person is responsible for the smooth and prayerful celebration of the Eucharistic Liturgy by preparing church for Mass, assuring that there are the ministers needed for Mass are present performing necessary tasks at the end of Mass.  Ongoing Activity • Two or three months during year • Time commitment is 30 minutes before Mass and 15 minutes after Mass • Skills required: understanding the liturgy and the needed elements for the celebration • Training with an apprenticeship and staff support provided.

CONTACT: Jackie Graham at 651-452-8775.


Ages 16 and up

The Lector proclaims the Word of God and may process in the Gospel Book and lead the Prayer of the Faithful in the absence of the deacon at Mass and other liturgies as requested. The lector also welcomes the worshipers and introduces the Mass before the liturgy and makes the announcements after communion.  Ongoing Activity • Once every 2 months • Time commitment is 30 minutes prior to Mass in addition to preparation time during week• Skills required: be able to speak clearly in front of a group • No Experience required.

CONTACT: Jackie Graham at 651-452-8775.

Eucharistic Minister

Ages 16 and up (Confirmed)

NEXT TRAINING DATE Saturday, August 11

Ministers the Body and Blood to the assembly at weekend Masses and Holy Day Masses. Also serves as a Greeter before Mass and assists with the purification of vessels after Mass. Ongoing Activity • Two or three times a month • Time commitment is 15 minutes before Mass, Mass time and briefly after Mass if assisting with purification• Skills required: Friendly, people person, non-judgmental • Training is provided • No Experience required.

CONTACT: Jackie Graham at 651-452-8775.

Lead Eucharistic Minister

16 years and up and confirmed

Checks in Eucharistic Ministers at Mass; makes sure the communion positions are covered; assists with giving  Eucharistic Ministers communion; supervises the purification of vessels at the end of Mass, sets out EM crosses for next Mass. Ongoing Activity • Two or three months during the year • Time commitment is 15 minutes prior to Mass, during Mass and after Mass• Skills required: Organized, people person • Must have been a Eucharistic Minister for one year.

CONTACT: Jackie Graham at 651-452-8775.

Altar Server

NEXT TRAINING DATE: SATURDAY, JANUARY 27 from 10:00 am - 11:30 am

10 years and up • Parent/child, sibling teams and adults 

Serves the worshiping assembly by carrying the Cross or Prayer Basket and by assisting the Presider at the altar, at the chair and with special rituals. Tends to the candles before and after Mass. Ongoing Activity • Approximately once a month • Time commitment is 15 minutes before Mass until 5 minutes after Mass to complete duties • Training provided • Flexibility needed • No experience required. 

CONTACT: Jackie Graham at 651-452-8775.


All ages • Family

Welcomes people to Mass, They give nametags, worship aids and directions and information to people when necessary. They may be asked to take up the collection and take part in the Gifts Procession.  Ongoing Activity • Once per month • Time commitment is 30 minutes prior to Mass. • Skills required: Friendly, people person • No experience required. 

CONTACT: Jackie Graham at 651-452-8775.


All parishioners • Families and individuals are encouraged.

Welcomes people at liturgies by assisting them in their needs, assisting people in finding seats, organizing the collection and processions and passing out bulletins. Ushers are also trained in emergency procedures.  Twice a month • Time commitment: Mass plus 15 minutes before and after • Training provided • No experience required. 

CONTACT:  Jackie Graham at 651-452-8775.

Hospitality Minister

All ages • Families strongly encouraged

A tradition at STB is to serve: cookies, donuts, juice and coffee to the worshipers after the Saturday and Sunday morning Masses.  Ongoing Activity • Once a month • Time commitment is 30 minutes prior  to Mass and 15 minutes after • Skills required: be able to cut donuts and make coffee • No experience required.

CONTACT: Jackie Graham at 651-452-8775.

Hospitality Shoppers


Charge at a grocery store to purchase food, orange juice and miscellaneous items for weekend hospitality and deliver to the church. Ongoing • Once every 5 weeks • Time commitment: as needed to do the job • No experience required • Must own a vehicle and enjoy shopping.

CONTACT: Becky Olson at 651-683-9808 ext. 102.

Sacristy and Sanctuary Care

All ages

Straightening the hymnals and seasonal worship inserts in the pews during the week.  Ongoing • Once a week • Time Commitment: 1 hour • No skills required • No experience necessary. 

CONTACT:                                   at 651-683-9808 ext. 

Plant Ministry

Teens and adults

Watering plants in the church and commons. Trimming and caring for them when necessary.  Ongoing • Assigned for one month two times per year usually with a partner • Time Commitment: approximately one hour • Skills required: Some knowledge of how to care for plants.

CONTACT: Jackie Graham at 651-683-9808 ext. 

Liturgy Committee

16 years and up

This committee prepares the liturgical seasons by studying the scriptures of the season, looking at what is going on in the Church and the world, finding a focus for the season, and creating rituals and symbols that will help to make the season meaningful for our parish.  Ongoing Activity • Around Mid-September—April • Time commitment is  1-1/2 hour meetings in addition to time reading through scripture to prepare • Skills required: reading and good imagination; willingness to learn about liturgy • No experience required.

CONTACT: Jackie Graham   at 651-683-9808 ext. 

Liturgy Environment Committee

All parishioners

Decorates the church and the entrances for the liturgical season. Ongoing Activity • Decorating times are scheduled before the major feasts and seasons, September-June • Time commitment varies according to season • Skills required: visual creativity; willingness to learn about liturgical  environment • No experience required.

CONTACT:  Jackie Graham at 651-683-9808 ext. 

Blessing of the Beasts Committee

16 years and up

Work with Liturgy Coordinator to plan and coordinate this event around the Feast of St. Francis.  Single Event • Around October 4 • Usually two preparation meetings • Time commitment is five hours for meetings, set-up and celebration • Skills required: Creativity, ability to promote an event and love of animals • No experience required. 

CONTACT: Jackie Graham at 651-452-8775.

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