What is stewardship exactly?

The word stewardship refers to being entrusted to care for something on behalf of the owner, creator, or originator of that “something”.  In ancient times a steward was given charge of land, crops, animals, buildings or other valuable assets by the owner or ruler. The steward was expected to tend the assets, helping them to thrive and grow; keeping them safe from threats or danger.  The steward was directly accountable to the owner for the wise use of those assets.

St Thomas Becket’s Definition for Stewardship:    

At St Thomas Becket (STB) we define stewardship as: our call to acknowledge God as giver of all that we have; to accept God’s gifts gratefully; to nurture all we have been given wisely and responsibly; and to share our gifts with others in justice and love, for the glory of God.

Key points:

- We are not the originators of our gifts.   We realize that everything we have and are has been given to us as gift from God.

- We are grateful to God for all these gifts.  We have not earned them.

- We accept our responsibility to tend our gifts, developing them, nurturing their growth.  God expects us to use our gifts wisely.

- We are called to share our gifts lovingly and justly with others as a way to honor God.   We do not hide, hoard or squander our gifts for our own gratification.

Where does the call to be a steward come from?

Our call comes to us through Baptism.

How can I find out what my gifts are?

Starting in January of 2020, St Thomas Becket will offer Living Your Talents and Strengths learning modules to help people discern their talents, strengths, and gifts and learn how to use their gifts in every facet of their lives: family, church, jobs, education, neighborhoods, communities, organizations.           

How can I share my gifts with the parish?

  • Fill out a Gifts Inventory which lists certain gifts that are helpful to our parish at certain times. This inventory is included in all new parishioner packets and online.  The Gift Inventory is also promoted at certain weekend masses throughout the year. You may also contact the parish office to obtain a hardcopy or click here to download the Gift Inventory from the STB website. Completing this inventory and returning it to the parish office allows us to keep your gifts in a database, which we can search when a need for a particular set of gifts arises. We will then contact you to see if you are interested and available to help us.
  • Check the STB website for a listing and description of all the ministry opportunities.  Fill out a ministry sign-up form and turn it in to the parish office.
  • See the STB website to ask for a Ministry Connector to contact you. This person will offer you help as you engage in the process of matching your gifts with STB ministries.

Ministry Connector and Gift Bank

You are invited to consider taking an active role in the life of Saint Thomas Becket. You can view all Ministries HERE.

If you are not sure where or how you could help out, please contact Linda Foster  she will help you figure out which ministry opportunity would be best for you.  If you  wish to explore becoming a Ministry Connector also contact Linda Foster.


On the link below to the GIFT BANK PDF, you will find a list of gifts that individuals may possess. This inventory is not a sign up to participate in a specific ministry.

This is not a sign up for participation in a specific ministry.
Rather you are contributing to a database that will be used to match your skills, gifts and interests to requests for help in our volunteer ministries.
If your gifts match a need you will be contacted to see whether you have an interest in serving in this area.
You always have the choice to say no to an invitation, if it does not work for you at present.  You may not be contacted if there is no immediate need for help. But we will keep your information “in the bank” for future needs as they arise.

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